Add it to the pile of sadness please.

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Once, when I was working at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival (humblebrag) I was having a conversation with some people about the kind of work that was being performed that year. There was wine, and talking over one another and the usual Edinburgh rain hammering away outside the pub, but inside was a group of people, a group of artists tripping over themselves trying to get their words to catch up with their thoughts. This particular year had a far higher percentage of women telling their stories, which of course, was a brilliant…

Why 2020 is the year I will start saying NO.

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We are now officially back in the 20’s. The 2020’s to be exact, and while I hear the constant trill of “This is gonna be MY YEAR” I find myself at a crossroads. Currently, I am sitting on a sub par-train carriage (that smells of piss and lemon pledge) having finished a full day of work, attended a quick chiropractor appointment (which was equally horrible and amazing), and am now on my way to a rehearsal in which I am Assistant Producer and Assistant Director.

“Well Amy, sounds like you are a busy bee!” I hear you chanting. Yes dear…

On celebrating Christmas abroad.

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“Christmas where the gum trees grow

There is no frost and there is no snow

Christmas in Australia’s hot

Cold and frosty is what its not

When the bloom of the Jacaranda tree is here

Christmas time is near”

As bizarre as the above statement might seem, this is the reality for us at the bottom of the globe. In fact this is one of the most well known Christmas songs of our country. Australia has a plethora of cultures and traditions that we mash together to create our holiday season. But the one shared reality…

On how to navigate leaving my twenties behind.

Me, 22 and feeling like I knew it all.

So. It has finally happened. Thirty years on this earth and counting. No longer can I cling to the excuse that “I was in my twenties, I was young!”. Those days now long behind me, my mind is looking to the future.

I am not going to lie. The months leading up to the big THREE-O have been terrifying. As a child I was convinced that by thirty I would have it all. A house. A family. A killer career. …

On Brendon Urie

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The year is 2005. I am sixteen, working in a fashion retail outlet mall on the edges of Olympic Park in Sydney. I am wearing a pink dress that doesn’t suit me (despite all my work colleagues telling me I look “soooo cute”) and self-consciously scraping my long emo fringe to the side of my face. My boss has gone home sick, and the one other “cool” (young) manager is left with me to spend the next few hours of our day rearranging one off items of clothing that no-one has the money to buy. I am sorting out a…

On Love

Me, aged 19.

The first time my mother spoke to me about where babies come from, it was not your usual uncomfortable conversation. In fact, the memory is so vivid, sometimes I wonder if I made it up (spoiler: I didn’t.) Another stinking hot day in Sydney’s Western Suburbs, I was sat at the table (the one usually reserved for my mum and her girlfriends), watching a plume of smoke rise up from her ever-present cigarette. I can’t quite remember how it is we got there, but the conversation moved toward the birds and the bees. I must have been around nine. She…

On non-expertise

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When I was in high school, I always felt one step ahead. I knew where I was going, dancing my way across the playground, hair sweat-drenched in the searing heat, my fabulous best friend by my side. I was creative, singing daily, throwing myself into my final Creative Writing Project (Extension English TWO! Yes, I took three English classes in my final two years of school and YES I still brag about it), and being a generally happy human. I was liked, I had lots of friends, and I hid my anxieties well. The kids who played sports weren’t even…

Amy Toledano

Sydney born, and London based Writer and Theatre Creative. Lover of books, live music and a bloody good vegan burrito. Not an Expert.

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